Course Description

Go from knowledgable health coach to actually working with clients in just four weeks or less. 

You’ll be able to start your business and build a solid foundation for growth, start signing clients, and start coaching clients immediately after completion

Founder of IFHC™, mentor to wellness professionals and coaches

Carmen Hunter

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Functional Health Coaching & Building Your Business

    • Disclaimer and reminder

    • Health Coach Career Accelerator Program Syllabus

    • What is a functional Health Coach?

    • Our Foundation: Seven Essentials for Optimal Health

    • How to Have a Successful Health Coaching Business Today

  • 2

    Kick-Starting Your Health Coaching Business

    • Kick Start Guide

    • Getting Started Video

    • Getting Started with the Basic Stuff (nonlegal)

    • Fees and Services - An Example (brandable)

    • Fees and Services - Timing and Tips

    • Payment Options

  • 3

    Simple Strategies for Filling Up Your New Practice with Clients

    • How to get your next 2-3 clients (video)

    • Free Consult - Session Example

    • Mastering the free consultation

    • Marketing Do's and Don'ts

    • Marketing Basics

  • 4

    Safety in Health Coaching Profession

    • Safe Language Video

    • Safe Language Document PDF

    • Safe Language Guide tips video

    • Safe Language Guide and Tips

    • Safety in the coaching profession video 2

    • Webinars and classes 3.56.58 PM

  • 5

    BONUS RESOURCES: use to educate your potential clients

    • What a Health Coach Can Do For You

    • What to Expect from Working with a Health Coach

    • Free Consultation dialogue example

    • Pure Gold Resources Guide

    • The Thyroid Guide

    • A Done-For-You Content Option

  • 6

    Templates & Tools for Working with Clients

    • Initial Intake Form Template for Coaches

    • Second Intake Session Form Template for Coaches

    • Third Session Intake Form Template for Coaches

    • Final Intake Session Form Template for Coaches

    • Testimonial Request Template for Coaches

    • Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Mastering the Seven Essentials Guide

    • Mastering the Seven Essentials Guide

    • Client Intake Whiteboard_v2

    • Doctors Template (for clients)

    • Doctors template instructions

  • 7

    Bonus video-How to collaborate with practitioners

    • Collaborating with Practitioners

  • 8

    Group Coaching-Your gateway to more impact, more income, more freedom.

    • Group Coaching Outline - Video

    • Group Coaching Guideline - Video

    • Group Coaching Gateway PDF

    • Group Coaching - The Gateway - Video

    • Group Coaching Disclaimer Example - PDF

    • Group Coaching Tips and Resources Outline - PDF

    • Whole food group coaching template

    • How to do Free Talks without giving it all away - ADDED 5/24/18

    • Whole Food Template - Video

    • The Food Guide as a Group Coaching Template (Example) - Video

    • Videos Links for the Food Group - Word Document

    • Sleep Template - Video

    • Sleep Template FINAL 2017 - PDF

    • Sleep Guide Template - Word Document

    • Videos Links for The Sleep Group - Word Document

    • A Done-For-You Option...

  • 9

    How To's

    • HOW TO: Create a note in your personal Facebook page to promote your business

    • HOW TO: Create an event in Facebook

    • HOW TO: Create a note in your personal Facebook page to promote your business

    • Basic Launch Timeline for courses or classes (webinars products etc)

    • GEMA-Protection for your wellness practice (discounted insurance, licensing, board certifications)

  • 10

    Formula for Social Media, Blogs, Lives

    • Formula