Course Description

Energy Healer, Transformation Coach and Biohacker

Amy Stark

Amy  is an Energy Healer and Transformation Coach.  She has a degree in  Psychology, a Masters in Education, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a  biohacker at heart.  Amy is a trained Reiki Master and Reconnective  Healer.  She has learned and developed many different energy healing  techniques and incorporates them when she works with a client. She is  very sensitive to the energetic body and is well informed about how  nutrition effects the body.  Amy is extremely adept at finding programs  running in your energy field, stemming from limiting beliefs, and  helping you to release them. She also offers workshops on the connection between science, spirit and you!PhilosophyI  strongly believe each person has the opportunity to live a vibrant  life!  As an educator and energy healer, I aim to educate those who are  seeking to understand how the body heals itself. I understand that the  foundation for health is formed on whole food nutrition, exercise,  self-awareness, and a balanced energetic body.  My recommendations are  based on solid scientific evidence on what helps the body to heal.With  so much confusing information in the media about what it means to be  healthy and how to get healthy, I have vowed to help my readers and  clients understand what really works. I aim to bring clarity on many of  the issues surrounding the state of our health as individuals and as  Americans. I strive to educate whenever possible so that the road to  wellness is not such a bumpy road.I hope to inspire those who are on a path to wellness and are looking for guidance.I have seen people with chronic disorders get well and those with terminal illnesses recover.  I believe there is always hope.I lead with an open heart and have compassion for those who have struggled to regain their health.I hope you join me on the path to health and wellness!

Course curriculum

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    • Intro

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    Video 1

    • The Human Energy Feild

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    Video 2

    • What the Human Energy FIeld Looks Like

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    Video 3

    • Forms of Energy Medicine

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    Video 4

    • Meditation

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  • 6

    Video 5

    • Power of the Mind

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  • 7

    VIdeo 6

    • How We Raise Our Vibration

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    Video 7

    • Protecting Your Energy after Working with a Client

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