Course Description

Founder of IFHC™, mentor to wellness professionals and coaches

Carmen Hunter

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to IFHC (this is the full course welcome) which is required by IFHC to include.

    • Welcome Video for IFHC

    • How to be an efficient and successful student of IFHC

    • IFHC Student-Participant-Enrollee Agreement - ALL STUDENTS MUST DOWNLOAD & KEEP ON FILE

  • 2

    Welcome and Getting Started Basics

    • Introduction to the free sample course of IFHC

    • Get Started (logos, websites and more)

    • The Niche-do you need one to coach?

    • Health Coach Kick-Start Guide updated 2023

    • The Seven Essentials for Optimal Health

    • Pure Gold Resources - Health Coach Resource Guide - PDF

    • Seven ideas for group coaching

    • No Niche No Problem Webinar

    • The Niche

    • Practice Better (client management tool)

  • 3

    Scope of practice and health coach definition

    • The Functional Health Coach - Scope of Practice

    • Scope of Practice

    • What is a Health Coach? - PDF

  • 4


    • How to Keep Growing

    • Health Coach Tips to Save You Time and Money

    • Back-to-Basics Approach

    • Brandable Marketing PDF "What a Health Coach Can Do For You"

    • Timeline client engagement/session example

  • 5

    Holding sessions, Brandable intake form, Safety in coaching guide

    • Mastering the Seven Essentials Guide-Brandable

    • Food and Lifestyle Intake form

    • Free consult session example

    • Safe Language in Coaching basics (complete training in the IFHC course)

  • 6

    Misc. information-affiliates, vaccine regret guide, enroll in course

    • Affiliate list

    • Vaccine Remorse and Recovery Guide -for those of you working with this population

    • Get in touch with Carmen and enroll!