Course Description

This informative course is on environmental toxins in the home: what they are, why they matter, how they relate to health issues. Plus, things your  clients can do right now, inside their homes, to stay healthy and help  combat fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and allergies.

I’ve  spent the last 20 years researching and uncovering the hidden toxins  that lie in all our homes. My research began when I had a serious health  crisis/wake-up call. I thought I ate and lived a healthy lifestyle.  Then I was diagnosed with a painful, fast-growing chest tumor and the  only option from my doctors was an invasive surgery that might  compromise my ability to write. I was determined to find a way to heal  myself and I did—without drugs or surgery—just by making small,  but significant, lifestyle shifts that eliminated toxins in my diet, and  in the products I used and in my home. This course will help you  educate your clients to confidently make safe choices and take the  mystery, stress and uncertainty out of buying healthy products.

It covers:

- Toxins in our everyday products that can have triggering reactions on the nervous and immune systems 

- The most important things in the home to avoid to create a healthy, calm, toxin-free home - What the hell are we eating? The truth behind food labels

- What to watch out for on cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning product labels 

- Electromagnetic  fields (EMFs) – Where you’ll find them in the home, how they’re hurting  us, and how to minimize their impact on health

- Symptoms to look for in your clients that indicates they are being impacted by toxins in their home environment

There’s nothing as comprehensive as this training available…anywhere else.


In addition to the 4 one-hour videos, which you can work through at your leisure, Beth gives you Resource Handouts and Checklists of Simple Solutions.

Speaker, Radio/Podcast host, bestselling author Super Natural Home. offering practical advice and holistic approaches to improving health, mood, well-being.

Beth Greer

Beth  Greer, the Super Natural Mom®, is one of the foremost experts on  sustainable and toxin-free living. She is an award-winning journalist,  recently named one of the Top 50 Health & Environmental Journalists  to Follow in 2016, and is the author of the best-selling book, “Super  Natural Home” (endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Ralph Nader).Beth experienced first-hand the powerful benefits of holistic, toxin-free living. She eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and her home. As  a consultant and speaker, Beth assists individuals and organizations in creating toxin-free, holistic home and work environments and lifestyles that improve health, mood and performance. She is the host of “Kids in  Crisis” radio show where she interviews leading medical experts and  treatment professionals, and is the former President of the Learning  Annex. A short list of clients include: Google, LinkedIn, NBC, NPR,  Rodale Wellness, Martha Steward Living, Health Magazine, Prevention Magazine, The Real Truth about Health Conference, and CNN. Learn more at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

    • What Goes IN You (Part 1): The Food in Your Pantry - VIDEO

    • Dirty Dozen List

    • Handout 10 Easy Ways to Have a Super Natural Home

    • Trouble with Diet Soda

    • Water Info

  • 2

    Module 2

    • What Goes IN You (Part 2): The Food in Your Kitchen’s Fridge - VIDEO

  • 3

    Module 3

    • What Goes ON You - VIDEO

    • Beauty Recipes Product

    • RLP Handout Body Care

    • Skin Research

    • Triclosan Info

    • 12 Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products

  • 4

    Module 4

    • What SURROUNDS You - VIDEO

    • EMF research

    • Handout Top 10 Nursery Tips

    • RLP Handout 5 Sleep Mistakes

    • RLP More Sleep Tips from Beth