Course Description

This training teaches you how to overcome perceived barriers to getting clients, get them to resonate with your message, see that they WANT to work with you because you can get them results and hire you right away.

During this training, I will teach you:

  •  How to get your next 2-3 clients online or locally
  •  All about the know, like and trust factor and why it matters to your business
  •  How to get prospective clients to resonate with your message and act on your offerings
  •  The exact action steps you can implement to start getting noticed and signing clients right away
  •  How to overcome the most common barriers to getting clients

Founder of IFHC™, mentor to wellness professionals and coaches

Carmen Hunter

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Video Training

    • Experts Resources Announcement

    • How to get your next 2-3 health coaching clients ASAP