Course Description

Go from overwhelmed and exhausted practitioner to creating more freedom while making a bigger impact. In just 4 weeks or less.

Here's some of what we'll cover:

  • Exactly how to identify your ideal and committed patients/clients with the free consultation
  • Information on licensing to protect your holistic health business
  • The one thing that is going to be your filter for "bad fit" clients 
  • How to guarantee potential clients return for their appointments because they feel supported and inspired to continue
  • How to create a true connection and work from a heart centered space
  • The step by step process to putting a system in place that works with every patient/client
  • How to price and present your services in a way that feels good and honors your hard work and knowledge
  • What to do to guarantee your clients come back and refer their friends and family to you 
  • How to run groups and programs that maximize your reach and make an even bigger impact with less time spent in your business

Founder of IFHC™, mentor to wellness professionals and coaches

Carmen Hunter

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Kick Start Guide-START here

    • Kick Start Guide

  • 2


    • Practitioner Accelerator Program thumbnail

    • 7 Essentials Infographic - editable template

    • Seven Essentials Infographic Template

    • Marketing Basics-don't forget you get marketing support every month from my team

    • Marketing Do's and Don'ts Infographic

    • Basic Launch Timeline

    • Session Overview Infographic

  • 3


    • Pure Gold Resources Guide -Practitioner-Coach

    • What to Expect from Working with Me

  • 4

    How to do a Free Consultation

    • Free consultation-who is looking for you

    • Free Consultation dialogue example

  • 5

    Fees and services examples

    • Fees and Services - What to Expect

    • Fees and Services - An Example (brandable)

    • Fees and Services Timing & Tips

    • Payment Options PDF

  • 6

    Education - Step One

    • Education Step One

    • Initial Intake Form

  • 7

    Preparation - Step Two

    • Preparation Step Two

    • Pre-Session Intake Form Template Instructions

    • Second Appointment Intake Form

  • 8

    Action - Step Three

    • Action Step Three

    • Third Appointment Intake Form

  • 9

    Final Appointment/Session

    • Final Appointment Intake Form

    • Testimonial Template

  • 10

    Group coaching-Classes and programs outline

    • Group Coaching Introduction

    • Group Coaching Introduction video

    • Potential for income and Cost

    • Circadian Lifestyle sleep guide to use as a handout for group training

    • Sleep Template

    • Step by Step Editing the Mastering the Seven Essentials Guide

    • Mastering the Seven Essentials Guide

    • Whole food starter template

    • Example of a group disclaimer

    • A Done-For-You Option

  • 11

    The "one off" one time session

    • Food and Lifestyle brief intake

  • 12

    Marketing how to's and basic tips

    • HOW TO: Create a note in your personal Facebook page to promote your business

    • HOW TO: Make an image for social media quickly

    • HOW TO: Upload a video into you tube

    • HOW TO: Create a group in Facebook (also how to create polls, pin posts)

    • HOW TO: Create an event in Facebook

    • Practice Better platforms for marketing and working with clients

    • Updated Practice Better Instructions

    • Marketing links and resources

  • 13

    Licensing-GEMA overview

    • GEMA-This is a section for practitioners that are NON state licensed to learn about extra protection.

  • 14

    Formula for Social Media, Blogs, Vlogs, Lives

    • Formula using stress as an example